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What Is It?

A Real Estate Photography Client Management System

  • Allow clients to request photo shoots online and automatically send email notifications
  • Allow clients to view watermarked photos but withhold the downloadable package(s) until payment is made
  • Accept payment online
  • Generate virtual tour slideshows without having to pay for them
  • A professional portal for clients to access all of their shoots online - mobile friendly
  • Exclusive to real estate photographers - all of the functionality that you need

What Photographers Are Saying

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FREE 30-Day Premium Trial

Enjoy a free 30-day trial of ViewShoot! During the 30-day trial you will have access to all features of the Premium plan. At the end of the trial (or during), you will have the opportunity to select which plan you would like to use moving forward.
We also have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) if you want to see what questions photographers are asking the most!



per month



per month



per month

No Credit Card Required

1 Shoot quantity is limited per month, and additional shoots can be purchased on a monthly basis if necessary.
2 Tour links are purchased on a per-shoot basis and include a branded and MLS-Compliant link.
3 Full plan can be upgraded to include Online Client Scheduling for an additional $12/month.

System Features

From scheduling, to payments, to photo and virtual tour delivery

Online Scheduling

Clients can request shoots based off photographer services and available (FREE on Premium)

TXT Reminders

Upcoming schedule reminders sent via txt and/or email

Payment Management

Collect payment online via Square/PayPal/Stripe

Virtual Tours

Automatically create *FREE* Branded and MLS-Compliant Virtual Tour links

Stop spending money on virtual tours. Stop chasing clients for payment. Stop wasting time packaging photos.

Require Payment

Allow clients to view watermarked photos but withhold photo delivery until payment is complete

Photo Package Creation

Upload the full-size photos and have full and small download packages created automatically

Mobile Friendly

Responsive design creates a consistent look across desktop, mobile and tablet devices

Email Notifications

Clients are notified when shoots are scheduled, ready for payment and complete

Functionality varies depending on the pricing tier chosen.


Answers to your most frequently asked questions!

Payments / Money

ViewShoot has options!

We prefer Stripe for online payment processing as it creates a seamless payment experience for your clients directly within ViewShoot. However you are more than welcome to connect your Square or PayPal account to the system! Your clients will be directed to the correct payment form to complete the process and sent back to ViewShoot.

We don't charge any fees for credit card processing, however the fees collected by each individual processor is your responsibility.

The credit card processing fees by each respective company is 2.9% + 0.30 fee per successful charge.

(As of 6/17/2019. Pricing subject to change - check each individual processor to verify.)

Good news - we don't! We actually don't see your payments at all! You link your payment processing account to ViewShoot and payments go directly to you/your account.

Check with your payment processor to determine when/how payments will be transferred to your bank account.

Virtual Tours

We wish - that would be awesome! :)

The video walk-through you see in the example virtual tour link is a video that is embedded by the photographer from a third-party hosting location, like YouTube, Vimeo or Matterport.

Have a look at our example virtual tour!

Currently the tour shows the uploaded still photos where buyers can expand them full-screen, home information entered by the photographer or Realtor and optionally a video embed (some photographers embed their Matterport 3D Tours).

Photos / Shoots

We only allow uploading of photo files (jpgs). However you can attach as many third-party links to each shoot as needed!

So if you need to deliver a video file or a floor plan, you can simply upload to your storage platform of choice (like DropBox), then just attach the download link to your shoot under the shoot settings. Attached links are treated just like photos, where your clients won't have access to them until payment is made and the shoot is marked as complete.

Photos and Tour Links remain stored/active indefinitely as long as your account is in good standing.

You may delete a shoot or its photos, or disable a Tour Link to remove access manually, but ViewShoot will never remove them as long as your plan is paid/current. (NOTE: ViewShoot plans and functionality are real-time. If you downgrade plans your past/current/future shoots will lose functionality of the plan you downgraded from. Conversly if you upgrade, all shoots past/current/future will obtain functionality of the new plan immediately.)

There is a monthly shoot limit tied to each plan - check the Plan Features to see how many shoots/month are allowed on that plan.

Shoot count is determined by how many appointments are set for any given month. If you reach the limit, ViewShoot will notify you and you may purchase additional shoots for that month a la cart. Hover over the Shoots/Month feature in each Plan Chart to see the cost for additional shoots.


We do not! We developed ViewShoot to be mobile-friendly for as much of the functionality as possible, primarily focusing on the core-functionality.

You can easily view and schedule shoots, and mark shoots as complete while on-the-go. Your clients can easily view their shoots and make their payments from their phone. Our Tour Links are also mobile-friendly, so we don't see the need for a mobile-specific app!

Good question! If you don't see a feature listed you have a couple of options:

  1. Contact Us and ask! It doesn't hurt to ask and we can tell you yes/no.
  2. Sign Up for a free 30-day trial, no credit card required! You can play with the system and see if it will work for you and your business.

We are happy to take suggestions however our goal from day one is to be simple and EASY. We likely won't add features that will be used by just one or two photography companies. We want the system to remain simplistic in looks so you and your clients aren't swamped with unused features, while still maintaining that full functionality and extremely high value that you expect from a Real Estate Photography system.

Best Option For Me?

You can use ViewShoot for FREE for 30-days, No Credit Card required, with full Premium functionality!
Use the below descriptions to help you choose your plan after your trial is over.


For the photographer who wants basic client management functionality. You want to be able to schedule photo shoots online and have the system send email notifications to your clients that you marked a spot for them in your calendar.

You want your client to view watermarked photos online, but you don't want them to access the downloadable versions until you have marked the shoot as fully paid. You may be just starting out so you aren't too busy, so you want to keep your costs at a minimum so you'll upload your deliverable photo packages to a 3rd party site like DropBox and submit those package links to ViewShoot so clients can access them.

You want to take advantage of ViewShoot's functionality where photo package download links are withheld from clients until payment is received, but you are fine sticking with outside payment methods like check, cash and card swiping via Square/PayPal readers.

You may not need a tour link for every property but when you do, you will pay $5 for the tour links provided by ViewShoot, or you'll use a different tour link provider that you are happy with. You just need a way to attach your own tour links to each photo shoot so clients can access them once the system notifies them that their photos are ready.


You want to add a level of professionalism to your client management system by offering secure credit card processing directly on the site. You want clients to be able to make payments online seamlessly, with funds going directly to your Square/PayPal/Stripe account.

You don't want to hassle with 3rd party file hosting like DropBox. You want to be able to upload your Full-Size photos to ViewShoot, and then have ViewShoot create both a Full-Size and Small-Size download package for clients. You have a steady client-base so the time saved from not having to mess with creating your own download packages is well worth jumping to the Full plan.

You may need a tour link every so often, but again, you will pay $5 per photo shoot for a ViewShoot tour or you'll use a 3rd party and just attach those links onto your photoshoots for your clients.


You are a busy real estate photographer. You have shoots scheduled in general every day of the week. You realize that your time is valuable so a system that does it all is what you need. You need Tour Links created for you automatically!

You like the simplicity and the mobile-friendliness features of ViewShoot Tour Links. Buyers can pinch zoom on photos to see more details, something most mobile tour viewers don't allow. You used to use a 3rd party tour provider, but at $10-$12/tour, it just doesn't make sense spending so much money on tour links.

You don't want to be tied up into texts/emails/calls to answer requests from clients for scheduling. Instead, you input your services and availability and clients request shoots through the system, adding them to your pending queue awaiting approval.

You realize you can choose the ViewShoot Premium Plan and lower your expenses significantly compared to using a 3rd party tour provider - all the while taking advantage of the scheduling, payment processing and photo delivery features!

Meet Lance

A Real Estate Photographer, just like you

Lance Selgo

Lance Selgo


I started my real estate photography business alongside my day job out of curiosity. I never thought I would be able to turn it into the successful small business it is today.

Having a Bachelor's in Computer Science, I had experience creating web sites and knew I wanted an online portal for my Realtor clients to access their photos. For years I have been using my own version that has allowed me to control photo delivery and more importantly, require payments before real estate agents can access/download their photos.

After being contacted by other real estate photographers (a lot of them readers of my tips site), I realized I could help by making my online client/photo management system available to everyone.

Combining the strengths of my previous system with new features that make our job as a real estate photographer so much easier, I developed View Shoot from scratch.

Now you too can take advantage of this inexpensive way of providing your clients with an online portal specifically made for the small real estate photography business!


Mailing Address / Social Media


View Shoot
ATTN: Lance Selgo
P.O. Box 153037
Arlington, TX 76015

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